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The Meaning and Origins of the Moon Cake

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For ethnic Chinese or people of Chinese descent, the moon cake is certainly not a stranger anymore. In his native country, China, moon cake festival or moon cake celebration becomes a special celebration in autumn welcome. In Chinese or Chinese folk traditions, the whole extended family will gather to eat moon cakes to celebrate the month-long moon cake festival that falls every full moon or moon. Usually family members who are separated for a while with family, will return to gather with their extended family. Therefore, the celebration of this moon cake became the second biggest Chinese public holiday after the Lunar New Year.

The Origin of the Moon Cake

The moon cake festival, or in Mandarin is the Zhong Qiu Jie Festival, is a day of joy symbolized by the presence of a full full moon. Based on the calculation of Chinese lunar calendar (Imlek), this festival falls on the 15th of the 8th month. According to the Chinese people, this date is a time when the moon is closest to the earth, adjacent to the skyline and shining red, which symbolizes the union of man (sun) with woman (moon), like Yin and Yang in Chinese tradition.

This tradition first appeared during the Xia Dynasty and Shang Dynasty. This tradition is a ritual Chinese tradition, but this ritual was popular only during the Tang Dynasty. This ritual comes from the Chinese agricultural community, where they asked the God of Earth to be given a good season and harvest.

At the end of the harvest, which is about the middle of the 8th month, the farmers will worship the Gods who have given abundant crops. The worship is gratitude and thanks to the Gods. Many believe that the Mid-Autumn Festival or the Festical Cake of the Moon comes from here. 

In addition, there are still other legends concerning this month's cake festival. It is said that in ancient times, the earth had 10 suns and made people drought and suffer. Then an archer named Hou Yi, went to shoot 9 suns so that only one sun remained. Hou Yi is also considered a hero and was appointed King in China.

One day, Hou Yi goes to the Kun Lun mountains to meet with queen Xi Wang Mu. The queen also gave him a panacea that can make people fly to the sky and become a god. Hou Yi also entrusted the drug to his wife named Chang'E. A court clerk named Peng Meng, was aware of the function and the existence of the drug so intend to steal the drug.

One day when Hou Yi is out of the palace, Peng Meng breaks into Hou Yi's room and forces Chang'E to hand over the drug. Chang'E who realizes that he is not an equal opponent to Peng Meng, immediately takes the drug and runs away.

Suddenly Chang'E felt her body become very light and then fly into the sky. While worried about her husband, Chang'E had landed on the moon, the closest celestial body to the earth. When Hou Yi comes home, he is very sad after learning what happened. Hou Yi then makes an altar to remember his wife, Chang'E who has become the Goddess of the Moon. There he placed Chang'E's favorite food and fresh fruits as a form of offering to his wife on the moon. That said, Chang'E beauty will be very visible from the earth at the time of the month in the most full and brightest state.

This is the origin of ancient Chinese people who started offering food and fruits to the Moon Goddess, one of them is the famous Moon Cake. Here are the types of moon cake

Types of Moon Cake Contents

Lotus seed paste (lian rong). 
Lotus seed paste, this cake is considered the most luxurious, most precious and most delicious. In some places, due to the high price of uncooked lotus seed paste, it is sometimes used white kidney bean as an additional filler.

Sweet bean paste (dou sha, often pronounced tau sa in Indonesia)
Sweet bean paste, this cake is mostly made from azuki beans, so it is known by the name of red bean paste. But in some other places made from Mung bean or black bean. It is also widely available in Indonesia, which spelled the contents "tau sa" usually black.

Jujube paste 
Jujube paste, this pastry-shaped cake is sweet, made from ripe fruit from jujube plants. The color of this paste is usually dark red, slightly acidic, there is a taste like smoked accents. Sometimes it can be confused between jujube paste and red bean paste. Jujube paste content is almost never found in Indonesia, because it is not popular at all.

Jujube paste 
Jujube paste, this pastry-shaped cake is sweet, made from ripe fruit from jujube plants. The color of this paste is usually dark red, slightly acidic, there is a taste like smoked accents. Sometimes it can be confused between jujube paste and red bean paste. Jujube paste content is almost never found in Indonesia, because it is not popular at all. 

Five kernels 
Five kernels, this cake contains 5 kinds of nuts and seeds roughly chopped, and glued together in a moon cake with maltose syrup.

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Top 10 Most Popular and Best Vacation Places in Indonesia

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1. Raja Ampat Papua

Raja Ampat is one of the Indonesian pride islands located in the eastern part of Indonesia precisely in the area of ​​West Papua. Raja Ampat is very famous for its underwater beauty. Almost half of the world's fish species exist in the Raja Ampat sea. There are also many inns that offer the comfort and beauty of Raja Ampat natural scenery. The months of October and November are referred to as the best time to dive here because the weather and water conditions are ideal. 
Besides diving, you can also explore the beauty of the mainland islands in this Raja Ampat. Locals will be happy to offer services as a guide. During trekking, you can also stop by people's homes and interact directly or buy handicrafts such as Asmat statues and traditional musical instruments as souvenirs.

2. Bali Island

Bali is a popular tourist attraction in Indonesia. Everyone will know Indonesia from Bali. On the island of Bali there are many tourist attractions that you can visit. There are beautiful Kuta beach tours to enjoy the sunset. There is Ubud that provides natural attractions with rural atmosphere and there are also other attractions that are not less beautiful like Bedugul, Tanah Lot and many more.

3. Bunaken Marine Park

Indonesia is very famous for the beauty of underwater, one of them is Bunaken Marine Park. Bunaken is located in North Sulawesi province. By doing snorkeling in the sea Bunaken, you will be pampered with the beauty of coral reefs and fish are very beautiful. Besides diving and direct contact with the fish here, you can also dive with the submarine that has been provided. This ship has a transparent glass wall to facilitate you see underwater scenery Bunaken Marine Park without getting exposed to water and wet. Because of the natural beauty under the sea, then Bunaken entered into the top 10 most popular tourist attractions in Indonesia.

4. Lombok Island, Senggigi

Lombok Island is located in the province of West Nusa Tenggara. The island of Lombok is a collection of several small islands. Lombok Island tourism is mostly a beach tour. There is a beach Senggigi famous for its underwater beauty. Senggigi is a popular tourist spot in Lombok and is a favorite for divers, because of its easy access to the Gili Islands. It is also a great location for touring the surrounding villages or just relaxing on the beach. For those who love religious tourism, Pura Batu Bolong, a temple that is on the rock and there is a hole in the middle of the stone, could be an option after the beach Senggigi. 
There is a Gili island with several small islands such as Gili water, Gili Terawangan and Gili Meno which has clean white sand that is very beautiful, with the beauty of it is not one of the island of Lombok including 10 most popular and best tourist spots in Indonesia.

5. Mount Bromo

Do not ever say already visited various tours in Indonesia if you have not visited Mount Bromo. Mount Bromo is located in East Java precisely in Tengger Sumeru national park. You will be able to enjoy the charm of a very charming sunrise, if you climb to the top of Mount Bromo.

6. Komodo Island

Komodo Island in the Komodo National Park along with other islands around the Nusa Tenggara Islands. In 1986, UNESCO set this tourist spot in Indonesia as one of the world heritage sites. This island is considered as a habitat for komodo dragons that must be protected. One of the highest achievements is successfully entered into the ranks of seven natural wonders in the world or better known as the New Seven Wonders of Nature in 2011.
This tourist attraction offers outstanding land and underwater beauty. There are many things you can do here, from trekking, diving to snorkeling.

For trekking, you can explore the island with a group and a ranger or guide. On the way, you can find dragons that are hunting prey or rest. Ranger will equip you with a cane with a forked end. This stick is believed to weaken the Komodo dragons as these animals begin to attack. By pressing the neck of a Komodo dragon using a branched end of a stick, the animal is instantly tame. It is important for you to keep every movement while walking because this animal is very sensitive to sudden movement.

Diving and snorkeling in the waters of Komodo Island is no less exciting. This tourist spot is also known for its underwater beauty and become one of the favorite dive sites. What's interesting is the existence of Pink Beach or Pink Beach. This beach is one of seven beaches in the world that has reddish sand. This color is allegedly derived from fragments of coral that was destroyed and mixed with sand beach. When exposed to the waves, red color becomes more visible because wet.

7. Borobudur Temple

Borobudur Temple is the largest Buddhist temple complex in the world. This tourist place in Indonesia is set UNESCO as one of the world heritage sites in 1991. Borobudur temple was buried volcanic ash from the eruption of Mount Merapi, until later discovered by Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles in 1814.

This tourist attractions in Indonesia is estimated to be built in 824. The building is composed of volcanic blocks and formed 504 Buddha statues, 72 stupas and a main stupa right at the top of the temple. Myth, if you put your hand into the stupa hole and managed to touch the statue in it, then your wish will come true. Here, you can also buy various souvenirs ranging from T-shirts, key chains, fans to miniature Borobudur Temple.

At Waisak celebration, Borobudur Temple became the center of the gathering of many Buddhists from different parts of the world such as Tibet and Thailand. This ritual becomes one of the tourist attraction here. The most popular tourists is the peak event of lantern release to the sky. The lanterns will be released along with prayer and hope for the next year.

8. Puncak Jayawijaya

Puncak Jayawijaya or commonly called the Peak Carstensz is the only mountain peak in Indonesia that has eternal snow. The peak is soaring over 5,000 meters above sea level. What is even more proud is Mount Jayawijaya entered the list of Seven Summits or seven mountains with the highest peak in the world.
Puncak Jayawijaya was first conquered by a Dutch explorer named Hendrik Albert Lorentz in 1909. Lorentz managed to climb this snowy peak with six Dayak Kenyah tribe recruited in Borneo. After this successful climb, many climbers followed Lorentz's trail to conquer Puncak Jayawijaya.

9. Lake Toba

One of the top 10 most popular tourist attractions in Indonesia is Lake Toba. The lake is located in the northern province of Sumatra. Lake Toba is a crater lake that contains a small island in the middle. Toba lake area is almost the same as the area of ​​several districts, therefore Lake Toba is the largest lake in Southeast Asia.

10. Toraja Land

Toraja Land has a wonderful natural beauty ranging from mountainous rows and green hills. In addition to rich nature, tourist attractions d Indonesia is also rich in ancestral culture that is still maintained to date. Here, there are many ancient traditions that are still preserved, one of which is Rambu Solo'.
Rambu Solo' is a funeral ceremony in Tanah Toraja. What is the funeral ceremony? Eits, Tana Toraja custom funeral ceremony you can not miss it. Rambu Solo' is the only most expensive ceremony in Indonesia and probably also in the world. The ceremony is carried out for days at a cost that is not small. One of the rituals is to kill the buffalo. This buffalo is not enough just one. The higher the caste of the deceased, the more buffaloes are sacrificed.
The Tanah Toraja people believe that as long as it is not buried, the deceased is a sick person. His body deliberately injected formalin so as not to decompose while waiting for the family can hold Rambu Solo'. The deceased is considered to be in a state of ill health only. The family still treats her like a living person, invites her to chat and joke. If it has been done Rambu Solo', then the family believes the person is dead.

All of the above attractions are mandatory always we are proud of, we guard and we preserve. 10 of the most popular and best tourist attractions in Indonesia mentioned are State assets and also a legacy for our children and grandchildren.

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10 Unique Food from Bandung

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1. Cimol

Abbreviation of the name of this food is, aci digemul (starch) made of starch (starch), and formed a small round in such a way and will later expand itself, if fried. Same as fried baso, Bandung typical food is seasoned almost similar to spice basreng. However, this one feels very chewy, tasty and very tasty. Especially when served hot and accompanied by a cup of tea or coffee.

2. Siomay Bandung

Bandung typical food this one that we often encounter, starting at school, housing, roadside and also exist in the office. Siomay Bandung is made from fish meat, mixed with sago and more delicious with peanut seasoning. If you stop in Bandung, stop by Jalan Veteran Bandung, there is a very nice siomay commonly named Kingsley and has become a favorite among the community.

3. Bandros

Snacks or Bandung typical food this one made from wheat flour in adoni with coconut milk. Then, in cooking over the concave printing, after which given a sprinkling of grated coconut. Most delicious to eat while cooked and warm. This snack is priced at 3000/5 bandros.

4. Cireng

You must be familiar with this one food right. If not, first acquaintance with Bandung typical food of this one. Why called Cireng? Cireng (short for aci in fried "Sundanese word" for fried starch), this one snack is very popular in Priangan area which is sold in various form and price of different variations. This one snack is very famous in the '80s. For additional seasoning Cireng is from starch kanji, flour, pepper, water, powder, salt, soybean, green onion and cooking oil. Cireng this one delicious if eaten when warm and accompanied by a spicy sauce.

5. Batagor

This one menu is still close to the Siomay brothers. The abbreviation of batagor itself is (bakso tahu goreng), the uniqueness of batagor is after fried until the color is brownish. The ingredients of batagor making, which are fish batter and fried starch and added with peanut sauce and lime juice, will add delicacy when you eat it.

6. Combro

This snack is sometimes called comro or gemet which is a typical food from West Java. Combro is made of grated cassava formed round and the inside filled with oncom sauce, and then fried. That's why it's named after combro in Bandung typical food. Combro is short for oncom in jero (inside), in Sundanese. So is the case with gems, which is short for dage semet which means more or less the same. Bandung special food is better to eat while still warm.

7. Nasi Timbel

This rice is plain white hot rice, then wrapped in banana leaves, because wrapped in banana leaves it will cause a very distinctive aroma of Bandung typical food. And usually served with various additions such as tofu and fried tempeh, fried chicken, sambal and there lalapannya.

8. Cilok

With a round shape and chewy, run out in one voracious as well. Cilok Bandung typical food is also a favorite snack in West Java, especially in the city of Bandung. Although Cilok now more often found in the school area, but the plug or nickname "aci dicilok" has been a variety of innovations ranging from the shape and taste and price. Formerly only spiced peanuts, now you can taste with mayonnaise sauce with stuffing that vary its taste.

9. Karedok

Karedok- Is a typical Bandung food and original from Indonesia. The main ingredients for making these foods from raw vegetable ingredients include cucumber, bean sprouts, cabbage, green beans, basil leaves and eggplant. For his own sauce using peanut sauce made from red peppers, garlic, kencur, peanuts, acid water, sugar Java, salt and feels.

10. Surabi atau Serabi

The typical Bandung Surabi made from flour is so similar to pancakes. The difference is the surabi is made by burning on the stove and the dough is very thick. Equipment used to burn or make it, using a simple tool, ie with a furnace made of clay molding. This tool that makes this one food to be delicious and authenticity. For complementary you can choose mixing topping, namely topping jack fruit, cheese, chocolate, banana, durian or sausage. 

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History and Secrets of the Great Wall of China

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The Great Wall of China is known as one of the greatest legacies of world-renowned civilization. The fortress-built wall is the largest building ever made in human history. This is evidenced by the size of this building which has a length of 6,350 km across from the Shanhaigun Pass near the bay of Bo Hai in the northeast to Jisayuguan Pass in the northern central part of China. The height reaches 8 meters, then the width of the top 5 meters and the width of the bottom 8 meters. Every 180-270 meters there is a watch tower that is about 12 meters high. The great Chinese wall that stands firmly is a symbol of the harsh perseverance and determination of the Chinese in the past.

A Brief History of the Great Wall Construction of China
The early establishment of the Great Wall aims to defend the territory of the Chung Kuo (the ancient Chinese) from the Nomad tribal invasion of the north. At the time of the Qin Dynasty, the ruling Emperor Shih Huang Ti, a great emperor who managed to unite the whole of China, intends to continue the construction of the abandoned wall for some time due to the conditions of inter-royal war. In 221 BC, Shih Huang Ti gave orders to connect the unfinished walls and continue the construction route as far as 5,000 km.

The construction of the Great Wall is very appropriate given its very important function to withstand the threat from Nomad tribe who want to seize the territory. The Great Wall is built on high and dangerous mountain peaks, where giant walls made using stone, brick, wood and cement make it resilient and resistant to weather for centuries. After the Shih Huang Ti era and replaced by the Han Dynasty in 206-220 AD Development in the Han Dynasty era resulted in the extension of large wall buildings as far as 10,000 km. Not only stopped there, the Great Wall rebuilt during the Ming Dynasty in 1368-1644. At this time the great wall was strengthened by adding granite and long coal and coated with lime. Over the centuries the Great Wall became a valuable fortress besides its function as a barrier from the outside world and protecting well-known agricultural produce.

The Secret Behind The Great Wall of China
It is often a common question of what the real secret is behind the Great Wall of China over the centuries. One study concluded that one of the most brilliant technical innovations found at that time was the use of sticky rice as a mixture of cement used to build the Great Wall.

The glutinous rice that is used as a mandatory material of cement mixture has an arrangement of substances that allow the lime cement materials used to be many times more adhesive. The mixture of glutinous rice and lime cement is composed of organic and inorganic adhesive material, it is able to bind bricks very closely even weeds can not grow on it. The organic composition contained is amylopectin derived from glutinous and inorganic composition ie calcium carbonate from lime creating a solid micro structure that makes the Great Wall become more stable and has greater mechanical strength.

So what else is the uniqueness of this legendary building? There are things that may not be considered carefully about the area around the founding of the Great Wall is the vegetation / plant life that grows between the Great Wall. The existence of a gigantic wall that divides the outer and inner sides of the forest beyond the allegedly capable of altering plant genetics that were previously the same genetically grown plants gradually over a long period turned into different genetic plants.

The World's Longest Grave
The Great Wall with its legendary glory to the rest of the world does not mean not leaving a history of sacrifice. The Great Wall was built using human labor drawn from slaves who were forcibly employed. The slaves did the work of removing the stones and composing them into giant wall-building noon at no pay. This tough work has cost thousands of lives. Thus came the Great Wall of China as the Longest Grave in the World.

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Avocado Benefits

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Avocado (Persea Americana) in standard Indonesian language according to Big Indonesian Dictionary called as Avokad, is a fruit that we often encounter. This versatile fruit has a lot of manfaaat and efficacy for humans. There are many substances that are rich in the benefits contained in this fruit. Green fruit is often used for juice or ingredients in the ice mix and other dishes. It's delicious to make a lot of people love it. Some people are afraid to consume because it is considered to have a high fat content. What are the benefits and efficacy of avocado or avocado? 

Avocado comes from the Aztec language Ahuacati. This fruit originates from the area where the Aztecs came from Central America and Mexico.Initially this fruit was introduced by Martin Fernandez de Enciso, one of Spayol's troop leaders, in 1959 to the Europeans. At the same time, the Spayol troops who colonized Central America also introduced chocolate, maize and potatoes to the European community. Since then the avocado or avocado fruit began to be spread by many inhabitants of the world.

Many benefits derived from avocado fruit, both for health and beauty. The following article will discuss all the benefits contained in this one fruit. Here are some of the benefits of avocado for health that you need to know:

⃟ Lower Cholesterol Levels 
Avocado fruit is rich in beta-sitosterol content that can kill bad cholesterol in your body. Eating an avocado 1 piece per day can also lower the phospholipid level. Instead, the consumption of avocado fruit that has been washed and peeled skin directly.

⃟ Prevent Prostate Disease 
Inside the avocado contains some powerful active compounds to clean toxins and detoxify naturally. One of the compounds contained in the avocado is an acidic oil substance. This substance is useful to prevent prostate disease in men.

⃟ Keeping Heart and Heart Health 
Folate is one of the active compounds that can protect the liver, heart and other vital organs from all kinds of diseases. Eating avocados regularly can make your heart and heart healthier, because apples contain a lot of folate. For those of you who suffer from heart or liver disease, can eat avocado by the way in the juice or eaten directly.

⃟ Reduce High Blood Pressure 
A glass of avocado juice can reduce your high blood pressure. Eat avocado juice at least once a week to maintain the stability of your blood pressure. 

Thus the benefits of avocado fruit that may not have many people know. Eating avocado is not only useful as a healthy diet food, but also can maintain the stability of your health. 

However, there are also benefits of avocado fruit for your skin's beauty. No need to use expensive shortcuts and the risk of getting healthy pretty skin. Here are the benefits of avocados that you should look at:

⃟ Make Your Skin Shine 
Vitamin A and E in the flesh of avocados efficacious to moisturize the skin and make skin look shiny. Avocado fruit is a natural remedy to overcome dry and dull skin. For that, for those of you who experience dry skin, try to start eating avocados regularly.

⃟ Caring for the Scalp 
Do you have an itchy and unhealthy scalp? The main natural solution is to consume avocado fruit rich in protein sources, some vitamins and amino acids.

⃟ As Natural Skin Sunscreen 
As has been described above that the avocado fruit is rich in protein, vitamins and amino acids. All these nutrients can protect the skin from ultraviolet rays and free radicals.

Lots of benefits that can be taken from the avocado, is not it? Eating fruits let alone on a regular basis, very good for health and keep your skin. Fruits are like shields that protect your body from free radical attack.

Delicious Crepes

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Crepes is one type of snack that is preferred by many people. Its thin and crisp shape and its variant of contents and toping make it popular not only by children but also by adults. Crepes itself is a snack that comes from the continent of Europe but has spread to various parts of the world. When viewed in terms of language, the name crepes means from curled, which is taken from French, crispa. When viewed at a glance, this crepes cake form is like curled because when served, this crepes dough has folded-fold first.

As one of the most popular snacks and favored by various circles both old and young, do not be surprised if we can find crepes sellers in various corners of the city. However, you do not need to buy this cake just to be able to enjoy crepes crunchy. You can make your own in your kitchen by following the recipe crepes that we present below. The materials needed are very easy and the tools used are also definitely available in your kitchen.

Crepes making materials :
➤ 100 grams Medium protein flour 
➤150 ml of liquid milk. You can use liquid milk cow or can also use milk powder that you have melted, adjust to the needs and availability of materials that exist in your home. 
➤ 1 egg 
➤ Butter or margarine to taste (approximately 1 tablespoon only). The margarine or margarine is melted first and set aside 
➤ ½ teaspoon baking powder

Crepes Materials Contents 
The ingredients used in the recipe crepes can be customized to your taste such as bananas that have been cut into small pieces, brown jam, cheese, chocochips, meses, milk or other ingredients that can be used as stuffing separately or mixed to get the flavor More delicious

How to Make Crepes 
1. Beat the milk and eggs by using whisk until the mixture is flat and looks frothy. Be sure to shuffle until the dough is foamy to make the crepes dough stay pliable 
2. Add the flour bit by bit. It's a good idea to put the wheat flour as it is sifted so that the flour falls evenly and makes the mixing process easier. Stir constantly until blended 
3. Add the baking powder to the mixture and then stir again until smooth 
4. Enter butter or margarine that has been melted before, then stir again until evenly distributed
5. Prepare a skillet that will be used to make crepes. You can use an existing mug wok or an existing sticky pan. Heat the pan first. 
6. After the wok is hot, lift it from the stove first, then pour a spoon of vegetable batter crepes, turn the wok until the dough is flat and thin enough 
7. After that, place the pan again on the stove. Remember to cook crepes using a small flame so the crepes dough is not charred 
8. While the dough is still on the stove, place the stuffing material on top like banana pieces then sprinkled with meses and grated cheese 
9. After that fold the crepes into two parts, then folded again to form a triangle
10. Lift and serve

In addition to these basic recipes, you can also do a little variety to make your crepes much more enjoyable. You can use a mixture of granulated sugar in the crepes basic dough. For this one variation, you can add sugar to the dough crepes. To ensure that the sugar is completely dissolved, you need to use a mixer, or if you still want to use whisk, use fine sugar and shake it with eggs before mixing it with liquid milk.

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Nachos Recipe

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Ingredients usually used :
Ø1 tablespoon oil for sauteing
Ø1/2 grain of onion, finely chopped
Ø3 cloves of garlic, finely chopped  
Ø250 grams of minced beef
Ø1/2 teaspoon oregano powder
Ø2 teaspoons chilli powder (optional)
Ø1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper
Ø2 tablespoons tomato sauce
Ø2 tablespoons of bottled chilli sauce
Ø200 grams of boiled red beans
Ø1 split scallion
Ø50 ml of water
Ø1/2 large red pepper, seeded and finely chopped (optional)
Ø1/2 large green chili pepper, seeded and finely chopped (optional)
Ø1 1/2 teaspoon salt
Ø1 teaspoon granulated sugar

Salsa sauce ingredients:
Ø1/2 large red chilies, seeded and finely chopped
Ø1/2 pieces of large green chili, seeded and finely chopped
Ø1 piece red tomato cut into small box
Ølemon juice / lime from 1/2 orange grains

How to Cook

1.Prepare the skillet, heat 1 tablespoon of oil. Sauté the onion until fragrant and transparent. Add the garlic, sauté until fragrant and cooked. Add the beef chop, stir and stir until the meat changes color to no longer pink. 
2.Add oregano powder, chili powder, pepper, tomato sauce and chili sauce, stirring until blended and stir-fry for 1 minute. After that pour the water and put onion also seasoning until cooked then lift it up. 
3.Add boiled red beans, and scallions, mix well. Pour water, cook until water dries. Add sugar, salt and chili, mix well, taste the taste, add salt if it is less salty. Lift and set aside. 
4.Next fry in hot oil until the tortilla is dry, lift then set aside. 
5.For salsa sauce, prepare the bowl, enter all the ingredients of the sauce, mix well. 
6.Arrange tortillas on a plate or bowl, sprinkle meat sauce, salsa sauce and a bit of grated cheese (optional), or serve the sauce separately(can use mayonaise also) and eat the nachos right away.